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30+ FREE Family Fun Activities for the Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to kickstart your family's wellness routine. Get your family up and moving with these FREE family fun activities.

  1. Go on a nature walk.

  2. Visit your local walking trails.

  3. Run through a sprinkler.

  4. Wash the car.

  5. Go stargazing.

  6. Create a scavenger hunt.

  7. Play a game of disc golf.

  8. Explore your local parks.

  9. Set up a backyard obstacle course.

  10. Take a bike ride.

  11. Go sightseeing.

  12. Visit your local library.

  13. Have a water balloon fight.

  14. Walk your dog.

  15. Build an indoor or outdoor fort.

  16. Try out a new recipe in the kitchen.

  17. Do outdoor yoga.

  18. Learn a new dance.

  19. Make artwork with sidewalk chalk.

  20. Have a picnic.

  21. Jump on the trampoline.

  22. Visit an antique store.

  23. Have a yard sale.

  24. Put on a play.

  25. Have a photoshoot.

  26. Make a time capsule.

  27. Write kind letters to friends, family, or neighbors.

  28. Create a vision board.

  29. Play kickball.

  30. Set up a bird feeder.

  31. Do arts-and-crafts with household items.

  32. Go to a free festival.

  33. Visit the local farmer's market.

  34. Host a backyard campout.

  35. Make a bonfire.

  36. Explore a new part of your city.

What do you and your family do for fun in the summertime? Tell us your best family fun stories from your communities!


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