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our story

The Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center was founded on the faithful combination of passion and purpose. Dr. Douglas Cook, DC, practiced chiropractic care at his personal clinic for 30 years before our current facility was born. During those years, Dr. Cook had an ongoing vision of building a place where the “whole” person could be taken care of.  He and his wife, Kim, raised their children with the ideals of the chiropractic and wellness model. They instilled the importance of a healthy lifestyle in their children, and both of their sons are now pursuing education toward becoming Doctors of Chiropractic (DC). Dr. Cook and his wife wanted to build and leave a legacy to their children; hence, the plan began to develop to bring one of the country’s finest health and wellness facilities right here to western Oklahoma.  They knew that the scale of this facility would require a team effort; therefore, Dr. Cook and his wife collaborated with other health and wellness professionals in the area to bring this vision to life. After many nights of sketching blueprints and developing business plans, the new Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center was ready to be born.  Today, this facility embodies the passion and tenacity that drove this dream to become a reality.

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