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"Chelation Therapy Was The Answer I'd Been Searching For"

Dr. Douglas B. Cook, DC with IV therapy patient, Richard Rule

When it comes to your health, nothing is worse than feeling hopeless.

After appointments with over 15 different cardiologists, Richard Rule had reached the point of hopelessness.

Rich had struggled with heart disease for many years, with over 70% blockage in multiple arteries.

"My family has a history of heart disease, so it was no surprise to me when I began to experience symptoms of artery blockage," Rich said. "It started with some mild chest pain and fatigue, but eventually the blockage in certain arteries became so severe that I began losing vision in one eye."

As his symptoms became more critical, Rich sought out help from multiple advanced cardiologists.

"I made appointments with who I considered to be some of the best cardiologists in the country, and they all gave me inconclusive answers," Rich said. "Some suggested surgery, some said 'we'll monitor it,' and one doctor even referred me to an eye specialist to address the blindness in my left eye."

Needing to find a solution quickly, Rich reluctantly followed the recommendations of the cardiologists, undergoing multiple back and heart surgeries.

"After having five stints put in, I knew those surgeries were only a temporary solution to the problem," Rich said. "If I didn't find another way to help myself, the problem was only going to get worse."

Determined to find a better remedy for his heart disease, he began extensively researching alternative therapies and stumbled upon an article about intravenous chelation therapy.

In summary, chelation therapy is a safe, effective, and relatively inexpensive treatment to restore blood flow in victims of arteriosclerosis without surgery.  Also known as a "heavy metal detox," chelation therapy is used to reverse symptoms of hardening in the arteries, also known as arteriosclerosis.

Rich spent years learning about intravenous chelation therapy, but became frustrated as he struggled to find a doctor that could perform this type of treatment.

"At one point, I considered going to Mexico for the treatment because every place I called to ask about chelation therapy turned out to be a dead end," Rich said. "One day, I saw online that the Dr. Cook's office offered this type of therapy, so I called to ask about it."

"After years of searching, they finally gave me the answer I had been looking for."

Rich traveled from Texas to his first chelation therapy appointment at the Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center, and over the next few weeks, he completed multiple rounds of intravenous chelation and oxidation treatments.

As early as two weeks into his treatment program, Rich noticed a significant difference in his arteriosclerosis symptoms.

"I noticed my arteries began to feel significantly clearer," Rich said. "It was as if huge chunks of cholesterol were being released, and the blockage near my eye and throughout the rest of my body seemed much less severe."

The nurse who administered Rich's treatment even reported a noticeable difference in his demeanor after a few rounds of chelation.

"When Rich first arrived at our clinic, he would typically sleep through most of the treatments," she said. "After the first few sessions, I could tell Rich had a little more life to him--now, he's got enough energy to talk throughout the entire session and crack jokes during the treatment."

"This treatment quite literally saved his life."

"When nothing else worked, this did," Rich said. "I tell everyone I know about chelation therapy, and I hope that my story can help even just one more person get relief from heart disease symptoms."

To learn more about intravenous therapies, like chelation, visit:


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