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Eliminate Back Pain with These Simple Exercises

As the seasons change, cooler weather often brings upon the onset of increased joint pain. Back pain is consistently one of the most common areas of complaint. By doing the right exercises and becoming more aware of proper biomechanics, we can often eliminate the pain while also preventing more severe damage to this area of the body.

The first step to alleviating this pain is to remember that pain is a warning sign. It is a signal that something is wrong within the body. When pain hits, we are tempted to mask these warning signs with painkillers or simply learning to "live with it;" however, if we properly address the sources of our pain, we can learn to correct the underlying issues and enable our body to heal itself.

Chronic, lower-level back pain is usually caused or perpetuated by a weak midsection. When your core strength isn't where it should be, you tend to slouch and have forward head posture. Over time, this postural imbalance causes added stress on your lower back.

To alleviate mild pain and prevent more severe back pain, core exercises are a crucial element in your treatment plan. Strengthen the core with crunches, leg lifts, and workouts that integrate an exercise ball.

Special Note:

It is important to create a balance in your core workout routines. Working one set of muscles too frequently can create just as much of an imbalance as not working them at all. Work to strengthen both your stomach muscles as well as your lower back muscles to prevent any sort of imbalance.

In addition to core strength, neck muscle exercises play an equally important role in alleviating back pain. This is especially true for people who sit for long periods of time (perhaps, at a desk job) or who look at their phones or computers for multiple hours per day.

Taking a 10-15 minute screen break to perform isometric-type exercises that promote lateral flexion of the neck muscles can greatly improve neck strength, posture, and stability of the vertebrae.


*This article includes excerpts from "Made Whole: Regaining the Health Your Body Was Born to Enjoy by Working With the Missing Pieces of Wellness" written by chiropractic physician, Dr. Douglas B. Cook, D.C. To purchase this book, visit the Nutrition Store inside the Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center.

**The information in this post is based on the opinion of the authors and is intended for general consumer understanding. Read our full disclaimer here.


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