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3 Ways to Improve Brain Health

Brain fog, poor memory, and forgetfulness can be incredibly frustrating and somewhat concerning, especially for those who have family history of Alzheimer's. However, such symptoms are not always indicative of the onset of disease. Although neurological disorders can only be diagnosed by a qualified health care provider, there are generally three main causes of brain fog that can be improved through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes.

1. Hormonal imbalances

These differ depending on the age and gender of a patient, but make no mistake that a hormonal imbalance can have a profound effect on your mental acuity, as well as your energy levels, mood, and sex-drive.

2. Pernicious anemia

If you have a difficult time absorbing vitamin B-12, one of the symptoms is often sluggishness and brain fog. As you get older, your digestive system produces less and less intrinsic factor, which is required to absorb B-12. Therefore, your risk of having a B-12 deficiency is increased. Have you ever heard of someone having wondrous energy boosts from a B-12 injection? This is usually the underlying physiology at work.

3. Systemic candidiasis infection/leaky gut syndrome/food allergies

Most of us have experienced brain fog before through brain toxicity--or more commonly known as intoxication. But, a systemic yeast infection (especially one stemming from a leaky gut) can create an environment in which the body is continually intoxicating the brain. To a lesser degree, the same can be said of food allergies, which can set the stage for leaky gut syndrome to develop and for a candidiasis infection to turn virulent.

For brain fog, the first step is to diagnose the underlying cause. Unfortunately, the diagnostic tests for hormonal imbalances and candidiasis are known for giving some false negatives. If all your tests come back negative and you decide to pursue your options without the aid of a clear test result, here are a few suggestions to consider:

a) continue to pursue a more sophisticated, in-depth hormonal panel

b) consider experimenting with vitamin B-12 injections

c) begin a "no white diet"

d) undergo some type of digestive detox along with strong and effective probiotics

The general idea is to eliminate possible causes of neurological disfunction and also to pursue health protocols that will be beneficial for your overall health, regardless of the actual cause of your brain fog. Many chronic and stubborn conditions, like chronic fatigue syndrome or brain fog, usually don't have a single cause--they typically have half a dozen or more. Fighting these conditions on multiple fronts is often the most successful method of seeing noticeable improvement.

This article includes excerpts from "Made Whole: Regaining the Health Your Body Was Born to Enjoy by Working With the Missing Pieces of Wellness" by chiropractic physician, Dr. Douglas B. Cook. To purchase this book, visit the Nutrition Store inside the Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center or visit


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