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7 Ways to Focus on Self Care this Weekend

Updated: Jul 5

Weekends were designed to allow you to relax and reset for the week ahead. While we are often tempted to fill our weekends with activities like shopping, sporting events, or social gatherings, sometimes it is essential to break away from our busy schedules and take some time for self-care.

Here are a few ways you can prioritize your health and wellness this weekend:

1. Visit a spa

Treat yourself to an invigorating spa experience. Choose from a hot stone massage, reflexology session, or exfoliating facial to kick start your relaxation routine. Spa sessions are not only great for stress-reduction, but each treatment promotes multiple other health and wellness benefits such as detoxification, pain management, improved circulation, and more.

2. Take a seat in a sauna or jacuzzi

These activities pair quite well with a spa experience; however, they are also great wellness activities on their own. Disconnect and allow your body to release stress and toxins with a wet or dry sauna session. Explore your local wellness center to see if these activities are available with a day pass, spa treatment, or as part of a membership experience.

3. Challenge yourself to a new workout

Fitness is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With so many different ways to train, it is nearly impossible to get bored at the gym. If you are struggling to find motivation to stick with your fitness regimen, try switching up your daily routine with a new workout or exercise program. For example, if you are someone who typically favors cardio training, try spending a day at the weight rack. Weight training, even at a light weight, is an excellent way to build lean muscle mass and strengthen core parts of your body. If you are unfamiliar with this type of training, seek help from one of the fitness instructors at your local facility. Focus on performing each exercise correctly before adding weight. If weight training is your thing, try taking a break from the iron and experimenting with a yoga class. Yoga is a great way to supplement heavy weight training by providing flexibility and promoting toxin release from your muscles.

4. Stock up on healthy snacks

Add a little excitement to your weekend grocery shopping. Explore your local health food and nutrition stores for the some new healthy snack options. Not only is this a great incentive for eating healthier, but having a stash of health-friendly grab-and-go snacks will make your weekday wellness goals that much easier to achieve. Some of our favorites include protein-packed vegan and gluten-free cookies from the Alternative Baking Company and apple chips by Good Health.

5. Explore your local health and wellness center

Take a field trip to your nearest health and wellness center to explore the activities and services that are available to you. Check with your local facility to see if tours are offered for new members. This is a great way to learn more about the unique wellness experiences available at each location. It also gives you a chance to ask more specific questions about their services and how they relate to your individual needs. Some facilities may offer comprehensive membership packages, allowing you to access a range of services from fitness and personal training to chiropractic care and spa treatments.

6. Get a head start on your weekly meal prep.

Search the web for restaurants that offer meal prep services to take the work out of your weekly dinner menu. One of our local favorites, The Dubtown Grill, offers a customizable meal prep menu that features a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees that can be stored for easy grab-and-go dining throughout the week. These meals are designed in coordination with an expert nutrition team to provide macronutrient-balanced options for a range of diet plans. Whether you are looking to build muscle mass, lose unwanted weight, support a vegan diet, or simply eat cleaner, this restaurant offers specialized menus for each unique nutritional goal. Explore their menus here.

7. Spend some time outdoors

Wellness experts have long suggested the strong connection between nature and health. Spending just 30 minutes outdoors per day can improve multiple elements of your health include physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you prefer a walk in the park, time spent in the garden, or a swim at the pool, taking time to soak up the outdoors is a fantastic wellness-boosting activity. When spending extended time outdoors, be sure to stay properly hydrated and practice sun safety.

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