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Do I Need to Take These Vitamins and Supplements for the Rest of My Life?

In short, the answer is usually yes.

But, to be clear...there is a big difference between a temporary supply of supplements to battle a short-term condition and committing to a lifetime nutritional regimen.

Many patients struggle to maintain a consistent supplemental regimen for one of two reasons:

  1. The conditions/symptoms they were treating with the supplement have been "cured."

  2. The cost associated with their daily supplements is too expensive.

These reasons are often based on misinformation or misunderstanding of the holistic treatment program.

For patients who believe their symptoms have been "cured..."

If your symptoms have truly been alleviated and fully healed, congratulations! However, for many patients, this is not the case. Although most patients will experience symptom relief shortly after beginning a new supplemental regimen, this relief is not to be mistaken for a cure. Even when symptoms are not present, consistent treatment is vital to the body's complete healing process. Read more about Why You Need to Continue Treatment After Your Symptoms Go Away.

For patients who believe daily supplements are too expensive...

Consider that smaller investments in your health over time may help you avoid a larger health crisis down the road. In other words, you can invest in vitamins and supplements that will keep your body in proper working order now or neglect these substances and deal with a potential health crisis later.

Ultimately, patients must ask the question: "What is my health and vitality worth?"

Your health is an investment, not an expense.


*This article includes excerpts from "Made Whole: Regaining the Health Your Body Was Born to Enjoy by Working With the Missing Pieces of Wellness" written by chiropractic physician, Dr. Douglas B. Cook, D.C. To purchase this book, visit the Nutrition Store inside the Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center.

**The information in this post is based on the opinion of the authors and is intended for general consumer understanding. Read our full disclaimer here.


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